INTU Blinds | INTU Pleated Blinds

Intu is a relitvely newly designed blind, and one of the particularly great advantages about into blinds are that it is unique in the way that it is installed, without the need to drill in most cases.

It is simplicity at its best.

Intu blinds are available in a range of aluminium blinds, Venetian blinds and pleated blinds.

These blinds are particularly fantastic in conservatories as they do not have any controls and just simply seem to blend into the décor with seamless elegance. At First4 Blinds, we constantly work on improving our collection and try to add more new and exciting products every time. Our collection of INTU blinds will perfectly fit into any structure be it modern or traditional and also including tilt and turn windows and doors. Installation of these INTU blinds is very quick and easy as there is no drilling and screw fixing requirement. These blinds are also considered as one of the safest blinds that you can buy because you won’t see any cords or loops hanging around and therefore they are completely safe to use. At First 4 blinds, we feel proud to endow our customers with latest INTU blinds at sensibly affordable prices.

If you are one of those looking for blinds for your doors and windows then INTU blinds is the best option you can go for. These blinds protect you from sunlight keeping the heat out in summers and in winters keeping the heat in. These blinds are not only perfect in terms of functionality but also they are exceptional in terms of design and style, they are smart choice for today’s homes.

Call in to the showroom today to view working models or call on of our team and mention INTU blinds when you call and we will make sure that they have them installed on a window for when you visit.

As with all of our blinds they will be accurately measured and professionally installed. So for you for all your INTU blinds requirements throughout the Northampton area please call 01604 720 793.