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INTU Blinds

INTU blinds are growing ever more popular amongst our customer’s homes. They are a fantastic option for conservatory windows and patio doors due to their style and how they affix to the glass. The unique style of installation means no drilling of holes needs to be made anywhere. Instead, INTU blinds make use of tensioned cords and the seal around the glass pane without any compromise to the window or door.

INTU blinds are available in either venetian or pleated options. This gives great versatility and solutions to window shading and privacy throughout your home space. The range of benefits from INTU pleated blinds may surprise you as they are more than just a fabric. Keep excess heat at bay in the summer and retain all the warmth of your home through the winter with Hive honeycomb fabrics. From opaque blackout to translucent privacy shading, you will be able to make the most of your home all year round.

Operating INTU blinds could not be easier and do not have any hanging control cords or wands. With child-safety paramount to our values and product ethos, INTU are one of the safest options available due to having absolutely no hanging wires, cords or controls. Simply pull the blinds up or down to their desired height via the integrated bottom bar. This makes for a sophisticated and clean finish to blinds over singular or multiple windows.

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If you're looking for blinds for your doors and windows then INTU blinds is one of the best options you can go for.

Available in a huge catalogue of colours, both the pleated and venetian styles are sure to ft seamlessly into your interior décor scheme. Besides just plain, matt colours there are a host of textured pleated fabrics and venetian louvers to choose from to allow your windows to become a feature of your living space. The INTU frame hardware is also available at no additional cost in white, brown, anthracite and silver to ensure the perfect match.

Installation takes not time at all, and the blinds can even be removed by yourself if necessary for cleaning purposes. The fitting of INTU pleated or venetian blinds also solve the issue faced by blinds hanging freely over patio doors that may dirty or flap around in colder, windier weathers. By being affixed directly to the glass, you don’t even have to pull up your blinds when you want to go outside.

Do you like the look of the INTU venetians, but also thinking of having standard aluminium venetian blinds also? We can colour match the two types of venetians by ordering from the same swatch book to ensure your blinds look professional and tailored to your home.

For more information on INTU blinds or to view our sample blinds and swatches, book an appointment with us today.

Call in to the showroom today to view working models, or speak to a member of our team mentioning INTU blinds when you call and we will make sure to have them installed on a window for when you visit.

All of our blinds are accurately measured and professionally installed for free. For all of your INTU blinds requirements throughout the Northampton area please call 01604 720 793.