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Last week saw a week off for The Blog, so what better than to come back with a bumper instalment this week! Two whole weeks worth of busy business to share with you. Currently though, we are having our customary Friday gathering round a coffee with the rain pattering at our windows killing off yet another mini heatwave. Times like this though you can definitely reap the benefits of an awning to fend off not just hot summer sun but also sporadic rain showers. Plus we also have our gorgeous Osborne & Little brollies to keep us stylishly dry.

We have been extra busy heading onto the final straight of the truly marathon Secret Project. Now it’s time to be ensuring all the hundreds of curtains and blinds are being hung to our usual perfection in their correct windows. Wallpapers are being pasted bubble and wrinkle free over vast square meters of wall space. Cushions fluffed and all accent decor pieces being delivered and placed in just the right spot. This gorgeous wallpaper below being loved and stroked by Beverley is the Josette, a french toile by Sanderson. Isn’t it just divine.

It’s going to feel rather odd once it’s all finished though. After a little holiday, perhaps maybe we will have to look for another project like this one… Thankfully, we won’t have to look to far for it because then will be the time for our shop refit. You should know by now that we like to keep a little conveyor of plans to keep us up on our toes. So much so we have now started dismembering our showroom before even finishing the big Secret Project. And boy! It’s looks so much bigger already.

It is so exciting to be trialling and using all the innovative ways to display our collections. Like trouser hangers! Our colour palette curated from gorgeous drops of fabrics will be hung from none other than good old trusty trouser hangers.We have also took a massive delivery of stands for our curtain poles to be displayed on to show of our wide range. However, after fixing enough finials to shake a pole at I would rather wait till tomorrow until I have to look at another pole! Safe to say however, we are super excited to see the shop transform over the coming weeks and what you think of the experience our design studio will will give you on your journey to new additions to your windows, patios, doors and interiors.

In a couple of weeks we can splurge the details from an adventure down to Notting Hill to discover more about Farrow & Ball and their illustrious collection of paints. Lots of pictures and goodies hopefully to come back from that trip for sure. All in the name of research of course, not just because we may also enjoy the sparkling wine on reception! In all seriousness though, it will be so advantageous to be able to guide you more confidently through choice of paints as well as just using wallpapers.

So until next week, it’s time to get back off to manning our busy showroom! It so far has been wonderful to see some new faces today and thank you for being patient among the organised chaos! Keep an eye out on our Facebook page to keep up to date with all our going-ons. Hopefully, this rain won’t stick for too long and we will be all back out in the garden by tomorrow afternoon. If it doesn’t brighten up though or you haven’t got anything planned for the weekend, come and give us a visit for some interior inspiration…And of course a cup of tea!

The Team at First 4 Blinds x