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Everyone influences the state of our environment these days, whether it be consciously or not, to secure the longevity of our planet. Ecologically driven choices are becoming more and more popular amongst our everyday life. But who would have thought that we are now even able to even consider the ‘green’ implications of the fabric we use to furnish our homes?

Clarke and Clarke, part of the renowned Sanderson Design Group, have launched an Eco Range made from recycled plastic bottles. The fabrics are made from what starts out as plastic chips from recycled plastic bottles. These chips are then processed and spun into yarns which are then woven to create interior furnishing fabrics.

These fabrics feel just as soft and as luxurious as fabrics spun from other more classical materials like cotton, silks, wool and nom-recycled polyester. According to their fact sheet, just one metre of Clarke and Clarke eco-fabric alone equates to approximately 90 plastic bottles being saved and recycled into fibre. This is quite an impressive feat of recycling to reduce plastic going into landfill.

Plastic water bottles can take up to 450 years to decompose in landfill and even then, plastic leaves behind trace elements that never fully decompose. So, what better way to utilise a waste product which is so readily available and avoid adding to landfill. There have been shoes and clothes on the market for some time now which use the same technology and process. And it is so exciting to bring this into home interiors.

Clarke and Clarke estimate that on average a pair of standard curtains will save 4,500 bottles from landfill, whilst a single cushion will save 230 plastic bottles from landfill and an upholstered sofa will save an estimated 8100 plastic bottles. These are impressive statistics to boast and with the support of customers opting for a far more sustainable choice, the range of fabrics can only increase.

Who knows what we will be able to make fabric from in another 5 years?! It’s a fantastic step forward to ensure that as a supplier of made-to-measure blinds and curtains we can actively support the longevity of the environment.