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Happy Friday and a big sunny welcome to August!

And to start off the month we broke free of our Northampton roots yesterday evening to venture down to Notting Hill. Why you may ask? Well, to some it would seem literally watch paint dry!

However, it was slightly more enlightening than that for sure! Not just because of a rather nice glass of fizz when we arrived (can’t believe I forgot to ask to see the name), but to see how a charming little plot on the corner of Chepstow Place W4 London conjures up the brilliance of using paint beyond the four walls of a room. Colour Curator for Farrow & Ball, Joa Studholme has written a second book titled “Recipes for Decorating” and it oozes coffee table glamour whilst also functioning as a meaningful source of inspiration, cleverly laying out full house case studies and listing full home colour palettes from the woodwork to the exterior. Who knew there were so many areas to paint beyond the walls? And perhaps the days of white ceilings are over as in some instances the ceilings can be wallpapered or painted the same colour as the walls to really embrace you within the decor. According to Joa, there is a “…seismic shift in colour approaching…” and “…the grey age is perhaps nearing an end…”.

It would be incredibly easy to sit and gush over the colours we looked at or try to imagine the inspiration behind the naming some of the colours, yet I must also just mention how wonderful the City was to be within yesterday. We enjoyed the humid Underground and embraced the sardine tin transit from Euston to Paddington with the enevitable perspiration of public transport. Then came the relief of the fresh air and melting pot of foodie aromas that hit you from one street corner to the next. A healthy walk to Notting Hill took us past a divine Canal near Little Venice and Beverley was enjoying the atmosphere!

Of course, there was also the importance of rehydrating on such a warm evening, so a pitstop at a delightful little bar provided just the cocktail to power us on back toward the train journey home. Have a look at our Facebook page to catch up with a few more photos! We learnt a few little insider tips and tricks though at he event and also was pretty brilliant to hear that Beverley is ahead of the Interior Decor game as her own designs for the big secret project align with not only the forecast of interior trends to come, but also with that of how the designers within an international luxury established brand delivers interior inspiration to the client! So why go to London darling when Beverley can deliver it from the soon newly refitted Kingsley Park HQ to your Northamptonshire home or corporate space?

Silverstone is just down road from us here in Northampton, which is brilliant for Allen who enjoys the Grand Prix and motoring. A day trip last weekend saw himself and Beverley at The Silverstone Classic Weekend. Whilst there however, the business is never far out their minds and you may already have seen their purchase for the showroom, but a truly showstopping piece will be settling roots in the showroom for the refit. Any ideas? Maybe re-purposed leather car seats? Or maybe a chequered flag? No – Neither of these things. Instead it a vintage BP petrol pump that not only looks incredible but also works as a lamp! It lights up! I have tried to think of a good one liner and the best I have come up with so far is for it “fuel” your interior creativity…

Secret Project and the Shop refit are merging into a crossover. We do like to keep ourselves busy! The units are due to be moved Monday across the showroom and the sample fabrics are being organised into a flawless display of seamless colour. It’s a really rather lovely job though. All the textures, colours and designers to play with are a real treat. Still not 100% if life will be easier or harder for you to choose new fabrics and schemes! It does look a little vacant this week, so please do bear in mind that this is purely for the refit and not due to a closing down. All our services and products are available as normal throughout the refit, so please still drop in to see us.

Keeping things fairly short and sweet this week, saving up the juicy details in the run up to the unveiling of the Secret Project and the new look to our HQ. As always, stay up to date on our Facebook page. We love to hear from you. Or even better, come in for a cup of tea and some interior inspo!

The Team at First4Blinds x