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Sometimes it isn’t as straight forward as having just a blind, shutter or curtain at your window. Dependant on seasonal changes with light and temperature regulation, you may need more from your window coverings than just one product. If you have accommodating space within you window surrounds, there really are no hard and fast rules when it comes to dressing your windows.

Sheer roller blinds for example, behind wooden plantation shutters work great for giving additional privacy or light filtering without having to completely close your shutter louvres. Perhaps consider having the roller blind motorised with a remote control to make the ease of operating much improved and mean you need not keep opening your shutters to open and close your blind.

Another option could be to add a soft, lightweight curtain such as a voile in front of your shutters or blinds to add a touch of warm Southern-European inspiration. This makes for a sophisticated an elegant finish to your windows to bring a completed aesthetic to your interior styling. Voile curtains can also be cost-effective addition to your windows, whilst offering a range of colours and textures.

Adding a pair of fabric dress curtains to a window can offer a softness to a window but still close if needed without the fullness of standard working curtains. Dress curtains give you the option to enhance or add colours and patterns to your room which may not be possible with just a blind alone and work with roller blinds, day and night blinds, shutters or even Intu blinds. Curtains over blinds is also one of the best methods to ensure blackout darkness in a room.

We have a huge range of blinds available in a multitude of different colours and finishes that can be paired with shutter and curtains available to be viewed in our Northamptonshire showroom. If you would just like advice on how best to approach your window coverings, or wish to book a free in-home appointment, be sure to book ahead to secure time with us.