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We are basking in the heat today for sure. It definitley feels like we are on for the hottest day of the year as I feel the sun through the windows giving me a lopsided tan! Thank goodness for the Shutters on our windows to break up some of the heat though.

And so, as ever, it has been a rather busy week for us. Tuesday kicked off the week with some staff training, sit tight on some upcoming news, and then throughout the week Beverley has been busy putting colours and fabrics together for bespoke curtain orders, as well as forging on with plans for our shop refit. Our fitters and Allen have also been to what would seem every corner of Northampton to measure and install blinds, shutters and curtains. Of course now that summer is on it’s way and the views have become all the more picturesque outside your windows, it would only be right to be framing such views with updated and stylish blinds or curtains!

In the midst of our refit, we have had visits from some of our designers, whilst other designers have also sent gorgeous selections of fabrics and wallpapers to display with the upcoming new layout. Let me tell you, it is going to look simply divine with all of the practically sized swatches of fabric we are receving. They are going to give you a real feel for how their pattern and colour would work in your home, making the decision easier. Or actually, probably harder!

The Fabric Box have got three gorgeous books in the show rooom out on our design islands to entice you into revamping your roller blinds with a fresh colour or bold change fo pattern. Or you just want a delicate and subtle finish to your windows? Well, whatever style you are looking for The Fabric Box are sure to have something to tempt you. Check out our Facebook page to see the post showing off one of their books we have available to choose from.

Our shop windows have had a refresh in the last week also. And there is still plenty to be had in the sale in the Boutique, including many items in the shop windows themselves. Our cushions all have a 50% off in the sale and are selling like hotcakes, so don’t miss out on a bargain! If you don’t need anymore cushions, there is still a choice of Voyage glassware, lamps, faux flowers, candlesticks and other little decor accessories. Come and take a look as once we redesign our shop, the boutique will be a little more selective with it’s offerings.

Zuche Boutique will be with us on the 12th June from 2pm-8pm. If that isn’t in your diary, book yourself some retail therapy time and treat your wardrobe to a new item or two. There will be plenty of nibbles and fizz, it will be a lovely way to break the mid-week up and to get you through to the weekend! We are very excited for this pop-up event and hope to see plenty of you here to support Zuche.

Next week the blog is going to take a slightly more hands on approach and talk about some handmade crafts you can put together to add a real unique touch to your home. Some of our sample books of discontinued collections have got an exciting 2nd chance to be repurposed into a range of practical pieces. Keep an eye on Facebook to see what we do with them!

The upcoming week has got plenty to keep us busy, especially working with the big secret thing we won’t tell you about yet until it’s ready!

From all of us at First4Blinds, enjoy the sun this weekend and we look forward to seeing you soon xx