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Are you unsure what materials are best for your blinds? Choosing the right blinds for our home isn’t an easy decision, and you want blinds that compliment your home and are practical too.

For this reason, there are different styles and materials for you to choose from. The suitable materials for your blinds cna largely depend on your personal choices and preferences.


Low Maintenance

While most blinds are low maintenance, you cannot just hang your blinds and leave them. That being said, some materials require less cleaning and care than others. Plastic, wooden and metal blinds can be highly durable and require little or no removal when cleaning. While they can attract dust buildup and pollution if you live in high traffic areas, typically, they can be easily cleaned using damp cloths and appropriate cleaning solutions.

It is worth noting that blinds made from these materials aren’t as versatile as fabric-based blinds. Despite being suitable for many rooms in the home, they are primarily used for more communal spaces.


Fabric blinds

You should be regularly inspecting your blinds for dirt and damage, and while fabric blinds such as Roman blinds, Pleated blinds and Roller blinds are mainly going to repel dust, they will need cleaning from time to time. 

A huge attraction of fabric blinds is their versatility concerning design, style and colours, and for this reason, they are suitable for many areas of the home. However, they are more prone to becoming visibly dirty than other materials and can require more care when it comes to keeping them clean.

You can spot clean fabric blinds using suitable cleaning materials. This can be more time consuming to undertake, not to mention the appearance of visible dirt can detract from the effect of your blind if you cannot remove the damage.