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While there are many window covering options for the bathroom, plantation shutters are arguably among the best. They let in the perfect amount of light while also offering you utmost privacy. 

Plantation shutters versus curtains for the bathroom

Curtains aren’t a particularly good option for the bathroom. While they might look nice, moisture can condense on the material, necessitating frequent washing. 

Plantation shutters, though, are different. They’re made of plastic, composite wood material or wood with protective coatings that won’t warp, even in prolonged high humidity.

What’s more, plantation shutters give you full control over how much light enters your bathroom. Unlike curtains, which hardly provide any brightness control at all, shutter slats individually reflect the sun’s rays, keeping the interior brightness within an acceptable range. 

Are bathroom shutters hardwearing? 

Once curtains and drapes become mildewed in the bathroom, you often need to replace them. They can eventually give off a bad smell. What’s more, organic processes can break down the underlying material, so even if you wash them, that might not be a solution. 

Bathroom shutters, on the other hand, are hardwearing, particularly if they are made of composites, plastics, or wood coated in special paints and treatments. Some plantation shutters are made of woods with natural anti-organic action, preventing mould and mildew infestation

Keeping plantation shutters clean

Keeping plantation shutters clean is incredibly easy. Most don’t attract any dirt in the first place, but if they do, you can just wipe them down with a cloth. Apart from that, you don’t have to do much else. They will keep water at bay, all by themselves.