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Shutters and wooden venetian blinds are not one and the same. Often, the term “shutter blinds” is used by customers and meant in reference to wooden or faux wooden venetian blinds, not actual shutters themselves. This of course can cause some confusion when communicating our range of products or managing a customer’s expectations.

Naturally, the style and design of wooden venetian blinds is very similar to that of wooden shutters. From the outside of a home especially, it can be difficult to tell the difference between wooden venetian blinds and plantation shutters. But the functionality, operation and pricing of these two seemingly similar window coverings offer a clear difference upon comparison.

Shutters are operable via hinged doors and are set within a fixed frame to your window openings. They have louvers that tilt to control light and breeze, but these are not able to be drawn up and down. Venetian blinds however are only fitted via the top headrail with tiltable louvers but can also be drawn up and down.

From a price perspective, there is a notable difference. Wooden venetian blinds are approximately half the cost of wooden plantation shutters when comparing a one metre square window opening. The difference in price is of no reflection of quality but instead comparable to the construction, labour and style of either option.

Both styles of louvered, wooden window covering come in a range of colours – Wooden venetians offer a wider colour palette. Shutters and venetians also do have options for high moisture environments such as bathrooms and kitchens. We offer Faux wooden venetian blinds which are a PVC composite or our range of shutters which are resistant to moisture damage.

In our showroom we have displays of both wooden venetian blinds and shutters allowing you to see for yourself the differences and compare the two options side-by-side. And we are more than happy to discuss the merits of both offerings and create comparative pricing information. Why not give us a call and book your showroom appointment today!