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When choosing new curtains or voiles for your home, not only do you have to consider the fabric colour and the fabric itself – but also the heading of your curtain. At First4Blinds we offer a selection of headings to choose from to complete the look of your hand-finished curtains. What may seem the smallest detail can really elevate and unite the look of your interior.

If you are opting for a pole, then you may think your only choice are eyelet headings for your curtains. Eyelet curtains are incredibly popular and allow you to make a feature of the eyelets by playing with the metal eyelet finish you go for. You could consider making either a contrasting or complimentary statement with your eyelets and curtain pole finishes.

Eyelet curtains tend to be suited to more modern, minimalist, or contemporary style. This is an example of where the heading of the curtain would need to be considered against the styling of your interior. Eyelet curtains have the most compact stack when drawn back compared to the other headings we will discuss.

Pencil Pleat curtains, with a fully gathered heading give for a delightfully classic finish. They take their name from the tightly folded fabric in the heading which look like little pencils in shape. They are often considered a dated look, but they look stunning when hung from a pole or track. Especially when used with a voile to create a full and sophisticated sheer covering.

Pencil Pleat curtains, as mentioned, can be hung from a pole or a track. When hung from a track the pleats cover the curtain track to give a neat appearance, but of course if you opt for a coloured track then you may wish to expose the track by hanging the pencil pleat below. They

Pinch Pleat Curtains can either be double or triple pinched and give a beautiful fullness to the body of the curtain. Named so due the way pleats are pinched together to create the heading – double pinch being two pleats per pinch and triple pinch being three pleats per pinch. They can look rather regal and grand when used with damasks and classical country estate style florals. But, when paired with more modern fabrics, they become equally as impressive.

Like eyelet and pencil pleat curtains, you can hang your pinch pleated curtains from a pole or a track. Pinch pleats do look incredible hung below a statement pole for a real showstopper of a look. But with the pinch pleating they do make for a curtain on the fuller side and do not necessarily stack back as compactly as eyelet curtains might.

Hopefully, this had given you some guidance and advice on which curtain heading to choose from, and of course there are further options such as goblet, cassette, and wave headings as more elaborate choices. But we can save those for another day – sometimes too much choice makes it harder to choose! Why not book a visit to our showroom where we have all manner of curtain heading on display!