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September has been and gone – but not before having a catch-up with my nearest and dearest humans and fellow canines alike. Being Canine Executive Officer is hard work! With my rather fashionable little red harness on, more so I don’t misplace my human of course, I spent at least a good ten minutes letting Delapré Abbey know that I had arrived.
The humans took a rather long time to decide what to have for lunch but on plumping for a Frank’s burger, the scattering of chips and sliver of bacon made up for it! Finn, a rather dashing French Bulldog Crossbreed who I’ve known since he was a little pup, kept me company under the table. And Luna, the Cavalier King Charles princess, sat on her dad’s lap to keep a safe look out for us in case any chip poachers were about. She isn’t too fond of a crunchy chip is Luna.
Our afternoon walk to ease our full tummies trumped the lunchtime snacks though as the park did look wonderful. The trees cast a lovely dappled shade as it peaked toward the high twenties in temperature. Finn went for a paddle in a little brook we found – I didn’t have my appropriate beach wear on to get in.
Kate, Finn’s mum, kept trying to take pictures of us all. It was so tiring – Apparently, she thought the backdrop of the trees looked lovely. However, Finn wouldn’t sit next to me, so I wasn’t interested in staying still one bit. I instead decided to spend my time doing better things such as sending out cautionary yips and yaps to nearby birds.
Eventually, we all stopped for a water break and have a lie down. I made sure to get in on the water bowl first, Finn is ever so messy when he drinks. And Luna soaks up half the water with her long ears! Whilst out on the grass having a little sit down, I did offer my best side to the camera and Kate seemed quite excited to have got my picture.
Sadly, the day had to come to an end. Our humans had to go home to do responsible things like housework and get ready for a new week of work. We all had our cuddles and licks goodbye. But being such a busy little bee and social butterfly – I’m sure I will be seeing Finn and Luna again soon!
With a thoroughly recharged set of batteries ready for another busy week overseeing the appointments and orders coming in; it was just what I needed. Especially as I had a weekend down in Bracknell ahead of me. I never mind going down to Bracknell with Mum and Dad though. I love seeing everyone and getting all the cuddles I could ever need!