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Floor length curtains and exposed poles need not only be for large rooms. If you find yourself wondering how you can create the illusion of more space in a small room, your choice of curtains and their hanging can make all the difference. Even what may feel the smallest of rooms can be made to feel more spacious by following these few tips and tricks. 

Pattern and movement:

Avoid picking heavy, busy prints which run horizontally or are very close on the fabric. These kinds of patterns can dominate a small room and make it feel closed in. Opt for something in a shade similar to your walls to achieve a continuous flow around the room. Vertical patterns and patterns with open spaces work really well as they dont look as if they are trying to compete for space in the room. 


Lighter fabrics that move well and give an airy, softer feel will always encourage a sense of space. Thick, heavy fabrics with limited movement may be too imposing on the space and close the room in. think about cottons and linen type fabrics when choosing your new curtains. Even perhaps consider having voiles in the room if they are suitable. 

Hang Them Higher:

Instead of hanging your curtains immediately above the window frame – go higher! Place your curtain pole or track much higher above the window. You can even go so far as to have the curtain at virtually ceiling height. Curtains hung higher will naturally draw the eye up and increase the illusion of height in the room. 

Longer Poles and Tracks:

Have your curtains pull back clear of the window on a longer pole or track.This will make the most of all the light available to come through your windows and you can also frame views or make a feature of shutters, window frames, or furniture set in front of the window. This also makes the room feel more spacious and avoids crowding around the windows.