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Plantation shutters originate from the southern states if the USA and they were designed to deal with the hot and extremely humid summers that they experience there. The use of curtains would be fine in the winter, but in the summer, it would trap heat in the house and create a stuffy environment. The use of these plantation shutters would keep the sunlight out whilst allowing fresh air to get into the house. They are traditionally painted white or light colours to reflect the sunlight, again to keep the heat out. Plantation shutters have got much larger slats than other shutters in order to maximise the airflow into the house when opened to further improve the fresh air circulation as well as letting in lots of light.

Nowadays, we don’t need to rely on the functionality of plantation shutters because of modern technology such as air conditioning, but they are still popular because of their luxurious design and selection of styling, giving you the option of having a modern look or going back to a classic vintage look. These shutters also offer increased value to your property due to their extended life over other options such as curtains and blinds, as well as being easier to maintain and keep clean.

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