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Interior trends do not stop for anyone or anything – global pandemic or not. Our behaviours as people define the path and evolution of trends amongst all avenues of creativity. And from these trends, complete new styles and aesthetics emerge with sometimes odd sounding names.


Cottagecore is the name given to the growing interior design trend of embracing an english country cottage but with accents of our more modern age. Born through the comfort found in needing to stay at home, and enjoy our homes more than we ever may have, Cottagecore is a warm embrace to celebrate cosy, home living amongst the very digital 21st century.


The elevation of what used to be seen just as an Agriculturist’s home, has highlighted the joy and ageless charm of quiet countryside living. For many, the discovery of being at home in a cottage or countryside home has sparked a passion for what was before a sleepy abode far removed from the hustle of the city.


But, even if you don’t live in a cottage or in the countryside you can still design your home around the Cottagecore style and create your own little sanctuary. Bring the countryside indoors with your choice of colour scheme and furniture pieces. Calm, earthy tones that take inspiration from heath land, a wheat field or a river bank will instantly give you a versatile canvas to dress with english country heritage inspired pieces.


When dressing your windows for your home there are options to consider such as the style of the windows, weights of fabric, patterns and colour. Also, the consideration of whether you wish to opt for a classic curtain on a wooden pole or choose roman blinds. Having a soft furnishing to dress your windows will add a cosy, soft warmth to your room and stay in keeping with a cottage aesthetic.


On the other hand, shutters also work beautifully to make a timeless feature of your windows. With neutral shades to work with all colour palettes, and a selection of different shutter styles like cafe or plantation, you will be able to add a sophisticated charm to your home – inside and out. Pair your shutters with simple curtains to give added cosiness and warmth to your rooms. 


Finish the look with framed embroideries, gingham prints and vases with flowers to accessorise the living space. Vintage furniture is great for creating a nostalgic, Cottagecore home. Also think along the lines of stoneware crockery and simple cutlery, linen napkins and cotton tablecloths to complete your kitchen space.