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Pantone have released the colours for 2021 – Ultimate Grey and Illuminating. A beautiful pairing of grey and yellow which work with a range of colour palettes to deliver a sense of bright optimism into your home for the year ahead.

The message behind why these two colours, and not just a singular colour as years past, made them to be the Colours of the Year is rather wholesome. Pantone chose the two colours as a metaphor for the current effect Coronovirus has had on the world. Despite the uncertainty of times past and current, there are brighter times ahead of us.

Science has already suggested that the colour yellow can invoke feelings of happiness and joy far more so than that of other colours. And some of you may be thinking that grey and yellow has been done a hundred times before, but why not embrace it and be a little bolder with it?

Liberal lashings of the yellow needn’t need to cover your walls. Opt for soft furnishing to bring the yellow into the room and accent with the grey. Even just something simple like art prints or candles can give unobtrusive pops of colour throughout your decor. 

Of course, adding gorgeous made to measure curtains or blinds into your room would be a real injection of the 2021 trending colours. And thinking of curtains and blinds, the style you opt for and whether you include a pattern can really elevate the impact of the colours. 

If you are feeling at loss or unsure how to bring these colours into your home as a fresh new scheme, or to coexist against your current colours, check out the Pantone site for inspiration.

They have some beautiful colour palettes already made up to consider.

Even if the colours of 2021 aren’t your cup of tea, we have nearly every other colour possible to bring your own 2021 colours into your home. From linens to velvets and plains to patterns, you have plenty of choice when it comes to how you want to bring new refreshing colours into your home for the year ahead.