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When choosing to have new curtains for your home, it might seem overwhelming to decide on your lining after choosing your fabrics and heading. But with a very small selection to choose from it needn’t be too hard to pick. You won’t see much of the lining as it is all on the reverse side of your curtain, so it’s down to understanding the effect each one has.

At First4Blinds we can line your curtains with standard lining, interlining, blackout lining and thermal lining. Often, our linings are a very neutral ivory or chalk colour meaning they work with all colours of curtain fabric.  The four options all offer their own, individual benefits to provide the full functionality desired for your curtains. So, let’s see what the difference is with the four types of lining.

Standard lining – This is the most common type of lining as it provides a covering to the rear side of your curtain fabric and provide protection to the width seams, hem and header of your curtain. This style does not offer any additional benefits.

Blackout lining – Most often used for bedroom curtains, blackout lining prevents light seeping through the curtain and into the room. A thicker lining than standard lining, it adds a little more weight to your curtain but is essential for bright rooms that need complete darkness.

Thermal lining – This type of lining gives your curtain energy efficiency all year round keeping fluctuating temperatures at bay. Thermal lining feels like that of a very fine woollen cloth, but it does not offer blackout so this would need to be used alongside blackout lining if needed.

Interlining – This is used to give body and weight to curtains to help keep the dressing of your curtain in place if using a fine or heavily embroidered fabric that may want to turn or twist when hung, or simply to just aid in making a dramatic statement with your curtains!


We are always happy to discuss and help advise you on new curtains for your home, so pop in and see us on Kingsley Park Terrace!