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Beverley and Allen have worked tirelessly and selflessly over the last 21 years to build First4Blinds into a reputable and successful independent Northamptonshire business. And now, they are taking a very well-deserved early retirement to enjoy time together with their family, friends and each other.

It was expected that Beverley and Allen would start to step back nearer 2022, but after Allen suffering a cardiac arrest a couple of months ago, which he has made a full and well recovery from, it has accelerated plans. This has only highlighted for them both the importance of being able to enjoy an early retirement with plenty of adventures ahead.

First4Blinds future looks bright as Natalie and Barry, long-time employees and neighbours of Beverley and Allen, are stepping up to the plate and taking on the day-to-day running of the business. Duffy will remain our Canine Executive Officer and will be sure to keep you all updated on her now quarterly “Adventures in Retirement”. Beverley and Allen remain as directors and still the owners of the business.

Our products, services and high standards remain at the very forefront of all we do and will continue to be the driving force into the future. Kate, Belinda, John and Mabbs remain with the team and are ensuring that with Natalie and Barry’s leadership, First4Blinds will be keep growing from strength to strength.

Over the last 21 years of being part of the daily running here, Beverley and Allen have built many lasting relationships with customers and would like to thank them all for their support over the years. Beverley and Allen know that the business could not and will not succeed without our amazing customers, new and old.