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One of the most common questions we help to answer is “What Colour?”. And we are sure whether it is now or in the past you have had that same predicament. Choosing the correct colour for your new scheme can be quite a daunting task, as there is an array of ways to decide on the final palette. Then not only do you have to choose the colour, but also how do you bring that colour into the room? Just by your blinds or curtains? A feature rug? A statement wall of colour? Thankfully at First 4 Blinds & Interiors we LOVE talking colour. So, put your mood boards to one side and dig out your colour swatches – As we are going to talk colour with you!

First thing first, how do you decide what colours work? Now yes, you may have seen a pairing of colour that just looks so fabulous and eye popping it makes you go ‘Wow!’. But is it a match made in heaven or in 3 weeks will you be starting all over again? Perception of colour and it’s interaction is what could be considered a subjective matter. Yet, if you adopt the use a good ol’ colour wheel you can make a far better choice, even if you want to go big and bold. A colour wheel will really help to show you how colours work along side each other, and by having all the colours at hand it gives unlimited options. They are so easy to find online and there are even apps you can use to keep a wheel to hand!

There are three common ways to put colours together by using the layout of a colour wheel.

  • Monochromatic: The use of one colour, say as in this example Red, and using the different shades within Red.
  • Complimentary: This is where you take two colours directly opposite each other on the colour wheel
  • Analogous: A range of three colours sat side by side on the colour wheel.

There are of course, further ways to combine colour but quite often one of these three methods works well. Then from your choice of colour, it is then how to bring the colours to life. We are happy to offer free advice on how to put your interior together and of course to help advise which of our products would work best, ranging from bespoke blinds and hand finished curtains through to Sanderson Paints and interior decor pieces.

So bring your inspiration, whatever it might be, to our design studio table. We look forward to helping you creating a home you love!

The Team at First 4 Blinds x