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Oh how lovely our week has been despite the almost biblical amount of rain we have had. For a moment we were considering becoming First4Umbrellas & Raincoats! There would have been no chance though of us being anywhere near as stylish as the gorgeous Lisa Frezza and Zuche Boutique that popped in on Wednesday and took over the Boutique to offer a treasure trove of womens clothing, handbags, jewellery and accessories. It was our first pop-up collaboration with Zuche and I am sure it won’t be our last either! It was a seriously fashionable afternoon with a steady stream of you making your way round the rails and shelves, and with so much to choose from I think a few of you left with more than you anticipated! The amazing selection of clothing in the most delectable of summer colours and of wardrobe staple monochromes, paired with an array of handbags and delicate jewellery. It was just a treat even to look at it all before starting to try items on and whisper quietly to your bank card to keep it a secret. If you missed this event, don’t worry as I said before, I am sure will be seeing Lisa and Zuche Boutique again soon. Thank you so much to all who came out and supported the event and most importantly also made sure there wasn’t too much prosecco and nibbles left over!

Moving on from Zuche Boutique, rememeber we do have that Remnant Sale coming up in July. That will be a fantastic way to top up your craft room stash, sewing room shelves or just snag a bit of your favourite designer at a bargain price. We will be sad to see the fabrics go, but it will not take to much time at all to fill the Work Room shelves back up again. We are keeping busy with plenty of curtain orders and Belinda is still beavering away to have them all hand finished in time for their new homes. So many options and finishes leaves me not seeing the same style curtain twice when I pop my head in. Amazing work.

Our sale is now running into it’s final stretch till the end of June. There is still a bargain or two to be had, but we are now getting rather excited with the space we are finding and be able to start applying those refit design plans to the Showroom and Boutique. It’s going to be exciting to see what you make of the new look and the experience that will come along with it. We have shifted a serious amount of cushions which is a huge relief as we had so many! But of course, there are still a few left and one of our large Voyage Floor Lamps has found a new home, only one remains!

Big, ginormous secret project is on track also. The Boys have been out and working hard getting all the fixings and location ship-shape for hanging curtains and blinds and, well other things…. Musn’t say too much! It’s going to be Happy Hour in the office for sure once this project is signed off. We are loving it to bits though and not really sure what we will do with ourselves after it’s all complete.

A few new displays have snuck up in the showroom. We have a fabulous shelving area showcasing our Troynorth trim collections as well as additional brands. But as a newer addition to our Design Studio and finishing catalogue, it’s rather fun to have a good look through the folders and to envisage the curtains and blinds you could create with such gorgeous finishings and trims. Have a look on our Facebook page to see a selection of the Troynorth trim and some jiggly pom-poms!

Well, I finished last weeks Blog with a hope for sunshine to break through but alas not. So instead of making a plea for good weather I am just going to hope that whatever the weather does, you have a wonderful weekend! Perhaps drop in by and see us…

The Team at First4Blinds xx