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The sun has got his hat on today! Suddenly the weather has got it’s act together and remembered we are in June! We instead can be making use of our umbrellas now as parasols as oppose to fending of the rain. Blimey, it almost started to feel like the mildew was setting in!

And with the sun out it gives you a boost and makes one of our favourite activities all the easier. Helping you to make your homes beautiful is one of our favourite things to do. Although we are not an interior design business we like to offer interior advice to you and help you to realise the potential of your own design visions. Whether it be a single roller blind for your newly decorated kitchen or a whole house’s worth of curtains or blinds. And often, in our pursuit of bringing the best choice of textiles and wall coverings to you, we see collaborations between established home ware designers and the textile designers we offer that get us all excited. Like for example Nina Campbell for Osborne & Little, who featured in an earlier blog. It offers homeowners the chance to inject these designers throughout the many canvas opportunities within a room, such as the curtains or upholstery besides just wall coverings or statement decor pieces. However, sometimes fashion designers make a step from the runway and into your hallway.

Let’s look at Matthew Williamson who also has struck a collaboration with Osborne & Little to bring his signature style to the discerning home owner.

Renowned for his bold kaleidoscopes of colour and rich embellishments that harness the feel of a hot summers day sat in an Mediterranean courtyard or the buzz of a North African market town. The collections are of global inspiration and provide glamour in an explosive array of patterns and colourways that can be worked into any room. He graduated from Central Saint Martins College in 1994, where other Alumni include Stella McCartney and Alexander McQueen, and unveiled his collection “Electric Angels” in 1997. A palette of only 14 colours that stopped the fashion industry in it’s tracks. From there the ball kept rolling. Coca-Cola collaborated with him to emblazon his designs over glass Coke bottles. Then he opened a storefront in Mayfair, London, in 2004. His arrival in Mayfair was announced in this rather glorious zoomorphic quote from Suzie Menkes

“Williamson’s arrival at No 28 Bruton St is like a bird of paradise fluttering into a brick-and-mortar London street.”
Then in 2013, after nearly 10 years of incredible fashion collaborations and recognition, Osborne & Little unveiled their first collection with Williamson. And annually ever since, new collections developing a deep library cataloguing his flair of colour and print are unveiled. Almost as if to add a stamp to the passport Williamson designs for you to travel the world.

Talking of travel and Mediterranean courtyards, Beverley and Allen also have took a trip down the runway. Of course, in the flying sense! They are currently in Kefalonia, Greece. Sunning up along the shores of the Ionian Sea! What a gorgeous getaway. It’s going to be fabulous to see all the pictures when they are back. Sometimes it’s easy to forget how beautiful the south of Europe can be. We have all been busy keeping the sale ticking over and hopefully that last remaining bits and pieces will find new homes. New installations have been going in and the fitters have been out and about all over the place, taking measurements and fitting new blinds. Hopefully, Beverley and Allen will be feeling fully revitalised on their return as these next few months are going to be busy!

So in light of remembering the task list ahead, it’s best to get back to trying to tick some of the boxes off. I hope you enjoyed today’s blog and moving forward there will be a little more to share on our designers and how they came to deliver their iconic looks.
Enjoy your weekend and maybe pop in and see us if you need a little guidance to revamp your decor or wish to inject some new life to your windows with new curtains or blinds.

The Team at First 4 Blinds x